June CL Tan writes science fiction and fantasy inspired by her childhood in multicultural Singapore where she was raised on a diet of classic books and wuxia movies, caffeine and congee. She has an MA in Cinema Studies from NYU which means she spent a lot of time musing about Bruce Lee and Shanghai cinema of the early 20th century. When she is not writing, she can be found wandering the streets of New York City in search of everyday mysteries and miracles.

Her debut YA fantasy novel, JADE FIRE GOLD (Blink YA/Harper Collins), is forthcoming in fall 2020.

She is a Pitch Wars 2017 alumni represented by Elana Roth Parker of Laura Dail Literary Agency.


random stuff

  • I purple u

  • At last count, I know six other people named June. People assume I'm born in the month of June, but 'tis a sad lie I've been carrying all my life  *dramatic sigh*

  • I’ve lived on both the East and West coasts, and the Midwest. They’re all wonderful, but I will always love the energy of NYC most <3

  • Being a foodie is in my blood. You know you're with a Singaporean when you're eating lunch and they tell you what they ate for breakfast, what they're going to eat for dinner (and sometimes, supper), and then, ask you what your weekend food plans are.

  • One of my fave things to do is to analyze movies and pick them apart to glean storytelling and character/worldbuilding lessons.

  • Anti-heroes, villains, tragic love stories, complicated character arcs, the slowest of burns...whatever makes me claw at my face while crying and eating popcorn at the same time...be it movies or books, these are things I enjoy.

  • Growing up, I read LORD OF THE RINGS once a year, for many years, like a ritual. Then, I switched to the HARRY POTTER series. I've stopped my annual serial re-reading, but in general, I'm a big re-reader of books.

  • I’m really, really scared of worms and caterpillars...and house lizards. 

  • I’ve watched THE MUMMY at least 50x (the Brendan Fraser one, not the TC reboot, what were you thinking?) and it still makes me laugh.